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The department worked with all members of the school: teachers, students and senior leadership team. A particular highlight was preparing the students to host a visit from Michelle Obama in 2015.


I believe that everyone deserves access to training; regardless of age, background or education. For every 8 hours of training you buy, I will donate an hour of training to an organisation or individual who would otherwise be unable to access it.


To date, I have provided over 200 hours of pro bono training, coaching and masterclasses. 


Often clients reflect that they wish that they had access to communication skills at the beginning of their careers. Training early in life offers the advantage of consolidation through years of practice, and confidence-building before being exposed to the world of work, interviews and higher education. It is a step-up which has only been traditionally offered to a privileged few. 


One of my proudest career achievements was founding the first Voice Department in a state secondary school. Mulberry School for Girls, London, recognised the importance of communication skills for personal, social, educational and career growth.

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Photo: AP Photo/Matt Dunham



“Sarah’s work was transformative for the pupils and staff who were fortunate enough to experience the joy of her craft. Sarah has the magical gift of empowering people, whatever their starting point, to be able to confidently express themselves, fully and in colour."


Jill Tuffee - Associate Headteacher at Mulberry School for Girls, Tower Hamlets 

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